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High Pass Exhibition / 2021

High Pass Exhibition / 2020

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‘The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.’
(McLuhan, 1954)

High Pass Awards 2020 



Communication + Media Prize 

For exceptional work in Second Year

Yuyi Jiang
Printed Matter, with Caroline Rabourdin 
Cellar Door, with Inigo Minns

Second Year
High Pass Awards:

Hiroaki Yamane - Works on Paper and Fluids / Fabrics / Forces / Forms
Su Wan Park - Inflected Space and Alternative Endings
Ellison Turpin - Future Craft and Datascape
Denise Xuqianqian Cao - 
Drawing in the Nation's Cupboards
Boji Hu - Drawing in the Nation's Cupboards Aimee Aizhen Chen - Inflected Space

Sheer Gritzerstein -Fluids / Fabrics / Forces / Form
Kin Ho TseReinventing Retail
Adelina GarifyanovaConsequential Spaces
Shanna Sim Ler ChungConsequential Spaces
Ania Vang Anh Tran  - Consequential Spaces
Hongxin YangSuspense on a Green Screen
Mabel Pei Cheng Wu Future Craft
Yinqi LiCellar Door
Tamar KraftSeeing Slowly
Deri Mungo RussellPrinted Matter
Nattakitta Chuasiriphattana Experimental Film
Riad TabbaraInhabiting the Virtual
Ryan DariusSeeing Slowly
Nour GhosnTactile Technology
Iro Davlanti LoWorks on Paper
Julia Lubner Piece to Camera
Beatriz Marco Sanchez-PeralPiece to Camera
Elliot Watt Digital Diormas
Hidetoshi Tominaga Digital Diormas