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‘The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.’
(McLuhan, 1954)

Hiroaki Yamane

Works on Paper

with Miraj Ahmed

CMS2 Second Year

Hand and Machine Drawing

Hiro became interested in how we see and draw by eye and hand and curious about the interactions we have on the relationship between our drawings and tools we use. He posited that while we can draw hyper precise “perfect lines” on computers, we are drawing the approximation of “perfect lines” by hand and so Hiro embarked on an exploration of the analogue and the mechanical / digital. After building the skills of hand drafted technical drawing, Hiro made a comparative technical study of the pencil with which was drawing. First drawing orthogonal plans, elevations and isometric by hand, he then fed the same measured information into a mechanical drawing device - to which one attaches a pencil. This produced very interesting results in which different forms of inaccuracies or flaws were revealed. Further to this, Hiro played with the idea as proposed by Magritte’s ‘This is Not a Pipe’ painting on the unreliability of representations,  by measuring and drawing a pipe by hand and then by scanner and drawing machine. The result was a witty series of drawings that were as much about accuracy and inaccuracy of technical drawing.

Course description
Works on Paper
With Miraj Ahmed

A description borrowed from fine art is used here to explore the idea that architectural drawings can have a life of their own away from the baggage of the ‘project’. In this regard the architectural drawing conventions can be questioned, used, mis-used and extended - where the drawings can exist for their own as well as cross over into other media and spaces.


Fluids / Fabrics / Forces / Forms

with Thomas Randall Page

Course description
Fluids / Fabrics / Forces / Forms
with Thomas Randall Page

This course aims to explore the relationship between forces and forms through the medium of fluids and fabrics. We will use a methodology of analogue experimentation and critical analysis to produce artifacts. These objects may become details, or scale models of far larger structures. This year we aim to culminate the course with a trip to Hooke Park where as a group we will put what we have learnt into practice 1:1.