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‘The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.’
(McLuhan, 1954)

Juliette Bartsoen

CMS1 First Year

Unfolding and Re-extruding

The Bardil Studio by Valerio Olgiati was taken as the starting point for an analysis of architectural form and space with the view to speculate and transform the concepts within its arrangement through projective drawings.

Juliette identified the key elements of the walled enclosure or ‘wrap’ and the internal giant ceiling oculus which allows light into the building. Projective architectural drawings became the tool to introduce a process of unfolding and re-extrusion as the primary form of transformation. Unfolded elevations became plan forms to be re-extruded to support a new elevated floor slab. Plans, Sections and 3d isometrics became the key analytical method to speculate and explore iterations of form and space. The new complex interconnected elements produced interesting sculptural spaces and architectonics further explored through physical models and photographs of the spaces. Ingredients derived from the Bardil Studio are transformed to produce different atmospheres as demonstrated in the very elegant pencil perspectives.

Course Description
This course focuses on the potential of subtractive colour in creating/manipulating space. Students are encouraged to create their own distinctive notational system that is sensitive to space, time, light and the characteristics of materials. Students will be introduced to the sensibility and materiality of pure pigments with the focus on colour as matter, teaching how to make paint from pigments and to apply it and test it on different surfaces. In a series of workshops, students will develop a 3D construct based on the analysis of colour and tone in relation to the dynamics of space and light.