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‘The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.’
(McLuhan, 1954)

Riad Tabbara

Inhabiting the Virtual

With Paula Strunden

CMS2  (Semester Visiting Student)

The Oyster

This project is an experience within a virtual space, the abstracted inside of an Oyster. It is an exploration of our perception of space, and the way through which we can interact with the space we exist in. One you are inside, you progressively gain an understanding of the volume you are in. Through a process of following pearls of light, touching them, and witnessing the consequences, the uses feels as though they were drawing the space themselves. Each pearl is connected to a ring, a topographic line along the Oyster. Touching the pearl lights up the ring. You progressively shape the space through its topography, in a process that submerges you in the serene atmosphere of the ocean. The project was created both through work on Rhinoceros, for 3D modelling, and Unity, to create animations with light, music, and effects with active bodies with boolean functioning.

Course description
Inhabiting the Virtual
with Paula Strunden

By combining VR (HTC Vive), hand tracking technology (Leap Motion) and real-time game engine (Unity), the course explores new forms of creating and experiencing interactive virtual spaces. Over a period of eight weeks, each student design one tactile object that upon being touched unfolds a time-based virtual environment to be inhabited with a VR headset.

The students learn how to translate traditional design methods such as sketching and physical model making into immersive and interactive VR content on a 1:1 scale. Different tools and methods are explored to create real-time virtual environments ranging from photogrammetry to 3D sketching, to spherical panorama rendering and interactive animation.