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‘The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.’
(McLuhan, 1954)

Sindi Dojaka

For exceptional work in First Year

Translation Through Drawing

With Shin Egashira

A chair that serves as an ornament/ decoration/ kinetic sculpture when not used, and that stabilizes and works as a seat once someone is sat on it. The mechanism to create this flexible seat is inspired by the flexibility and structure of a gyroscope. In this chair I tried to incorporate the movement of the circles in three different directions.

Course description
Translation through Drawing
With Shin Egashira

The course introduces the conceptual and technical aspects of orthogonal drawings in combination with collage and object making procedures assuming that there is no difference between means of representation and that of design. These lessons will develop in parallel to discussions of seminal architectural writings on a systematic approach to representation. Students must approach drawings with an understanding of intrinsic formal attributes of objects using concepts of formal addition and subtraction.

with Alison Moffet

Sindi’s work is a series of varied, expressive and confident drawings. For her final piece, she recorded the movement of a set of chairs throughout the hours she was at the AA on a random day. The way that the chairs are positioned around the table says a gret deal about the interactions between people at that table. Her aim was to try to materialise something intangible and abstract such as human interactions and conversation over time.


Course description
The Drawn Mistake
with Alison Moffet

Based on the idea of a paradox, this course endeavours to combine opposing visual techniques and explore how one might make interesting or challenging material, technical, and compositional decisions to best illustrate an idea. By looking at examples and trying our own experiments, including using different drawing tools, blind drawing, reconfiguring shapes and collage, and the trace left through action, we work towards creating critical individual drawings that capture the magic of opposition.